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Toxic Food for Dogs

Here is a list of common household items that can cause problems for your dog. Let’s break down explaining why these toxic foods for dogs are bad. Avocados These fruits…



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Myths About Pit bulls

You may have heard one of the many common myths about pit bulls out there — like that they have a locking jaw — but are these beliefs even true…

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12 Great Dog Ramps

How do I know when I should get a ramp? If you have a senior dog, a dog with arthritis, or a dog with other mobility issues, it may be…


Fun Facts about Dogs

 1. Dogs do have a sense of time, but it's quite different to ours. It's not organized into days or weeks, but instead arranged by smell.2. Dogs really are smart.…

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Dog Over Bone Banner or Name Tag

Popular & Unique Dog Names

Choosing a name for your new canine companion is a momentous decision. Your dog's name will become a part of their identity and a word they'll respond to with wagging…

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13 Great Dog Food

When it comes to our furry friends, certainly their health and happiness are top priorities. These dog food recommendations should assist with the choices you have to make.  Just like…


10 Comfortable Dog Beds

Comfortable dog beds play a crucial role in the overall well-being and comfort of our beloved furry companions. Just as humans require a comfortable place to rest and sleep, dogs…

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